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Want a getaway from the hustle of daily life and explore panoramic views along the charm of the morocco  desert? Marrakech Agafay desert is the perfect place for you. A unique and alluring desert with panoramic views and sublime nature, located only 31 kilometers from the famous city of Morocco (Marrakech). It is an ideal place among dunes with hotel camps and a refreshing atmosphere with the Marrakech agafay desert dinner and camel ride. You will experience comfort while seeing the beautiful sunset and the vibe of being alone, surrounded by serenity and silence. You will get to enjoy the isolated surroundings, dining under the bright stars, soothing desert wind, and the romance of it all.

We can offer you different packages relating to your stay in the Marrakech Agay desert. There are various packages including Agafay desert dinner, lunch, quad biking, camel trekking, and much more.

Our packages are:

1- Agafay Desert dinner, quad biking, and camel riding with dinner show

2- Agafay Desert lunch with quad biking and camel riding

3- Agafay Desert quad biking

4- Agafay Desert camel riding with a beautiful sunset view

Thus, you can choose the right one aligning with your stay in the charming agafay desert luxury. The dinner show and exquisite food will give you warm memories and an unforgettable experience.

Amidst the charming dunes and soothing winds of the rocky desert, experience this wonderful Agafay desert dinner experience. The Morocco High Atlas mountains and panoramic views will please your eyes and refresh your soul. Relax at an agafay desert luxury camp and spend quality time with your friends and family while looking at the charms of nature with a delicious dinner meal .

You will get to experience venturesome Marrakech Quad biking with your friends and family. An hour-long camel trekking to explore the Morocco rocky desert and etch the memories in your mind. Transportation service from your stay in Marrakech. The beautiful sunset among the alluring dunes. A campfire with typical southern Moroccan ambiance under the shades of nomad tents. Flavorsome Traditional Moroccan main course with Dessert For Dinner. A grand show at Agafay Desert Dinner with belly dancers, fire-eaters, African dancers, Gnaoua music, and much more.  Our complete agafay desert dinner covers pick-and-drop services with a professional driver and comfortable car.

One-hour camel trekking and exploration of the area, adventurous quad biking, exquisite Marrakech Agafay Desert dinner, spectacular dinner show, traditional Moroccan food with dessert, Coffee/Tea, campfire, refreshing Moroccan traditional music, and much more

You will be picked up by our professional drivers from your hotel in Marrakesh in a comfortable car. Driving through the delightful dunes and alluring views you will take for camel riding. A one-hour camel ride will help you discover the beauty of the agafay desert luxury. Then you will be taken for adventurous quad biking for an hour. About an hour from this, you will arrive at the nomad camp with lighting right in the middle of the desert. Here you will taste delicious Moroccan food and flavoursome desserts in dinner. A spectacular show will be arranged for you with multiple dancers, fire-eaters, and much more to keep you entertained through the evening. At nightfall, you will return to your hotel with countless memories.

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Agafay desert is full of adventure and wonderful places that will help you become one with nature. The beautiful dunes and the views of High Atlas mountain with the refreshing desert wind. The feeling of sand grains running down your fingers and the mesmerizing nomad tents under the beautiful sky will give your mind a ready for our exclusive agafay package, including agafay quade biking, agafay desert dinner, camel ride, a sunset view of agafay desert luxury camp, and more.

You get to enjoy an authentic Marrakech agafay desert experience at an idyllic oasis in the Agafay Desert. The agafay desert camel ride will give you a chance to experience desert life more closely. Discover the place and its traditions by making interactions with the local villagers across Marrakech. Experience the traditional Berber way of life. Enjoy agafay quad biking with your friends and family. Explore the rocky footing of the High Atlas mountain and the rolling dunes. Relax under the shade of a luxurious net and sip on chilled drinks. Bing on delicious Moroccan traditional lunch.

The Marrakech agafay package includes transportation services from your hotel in Marrakech Morocco. The driver will be multi-lingual. Delicious traditional Moroccan Main course and chilled drinks will be served. A luxurious camp with shade will be available. Quad bikes with helmets will be available. No alcoholic drinks will be available throughout the Marrakech agafay trip.

You will be picked up in the morning by our professional driver from your hotel in Marrakesh and drive towards the High Atlas Mountains. After an hour's drive, you will arrive at your first spot, camel trekking. Experience the desert life while camel riding for an hour. Then you will be taken quad biking for an hour. After that, you will arrive at a luxurious oasis campsite right in the middle of the desert. Settle in and feel the soothing atmosphere of the oasis. It is a haven of flora and fauna. Dine in under the shade of the tent, and taste the mouth-watering traditional Moroccan. Lay on the comfortable loungers and admire the impressive scenic mountain views. Walk around and explore the villages and interact with the locals. At nightfall, you will be dropped back at your hotel.

Agafay Desert Quad Biking

Enjoy a quad biking adventure amidst the beautiful desert and scenic mountain views. You will come across arid hills, oases, and rivers on your quad adventure. Make memories with your friends and family.

You can enjoy quad biking with your loved ones. Explore the desert on a 4-wheelers. Discover arid hills, oases, and rivers. Eat delicious crepes and tea by locals. Race around on your bike and connect with nature.

You will get a KYMCO quad 300cc bike. All the biking gear including gloves, helmet, riding goggles, etc. Biking instructors. Water bottles and transportation by van 4×4

You will be picked up from your hotel in Marrakesh by our professional driver to Lalla Takerkoust lake. Here you will climb on your quad bike and learn to operate your new vehicle. You will ride through the Turtle valley and desert plateaus leading you into the High Atlas mountain. Along the way, you will come across beautiful sceneries and can stop anywhere along the way to take pictures of the scenic views. Admire the charming view of Lalla Takerkoust lake stretching to the Atlas mountain foothills while enjoying your mint tea. You will be dropped back at your hotel after your quad bike ride.

Agafay Desert Camel Riding With Sunset View

To fully enjoy the Morrocan culture, camel riding is a must. Experience the best camel trekking in the Agafay Desert camel riding. A tour that will help you connect with nature and become one with desert life.

You will enjoy the camel trekking through the stunning Palm oasis. A memorable camel ride at dusk through the Palm grove Trek. You will get to interact with the local communities and learn more about the Berber culture. Have a peaceful mint tea at a local’s house. Enjoy the beautiful sunset view in the charming desert with your camel.

You will get transportation from the hotel. Nomadic dress to blend in the culture and protect from the sun. One-hour camel riding, traditional hospitality from the locals. Mint-tea in a break.

You will be picked up from your hotel in the late afternoon in an Ac van. Driving through the desert first you will visit a typical village home in the Berber village. Here you will get a chance to interact with the locals and learn more about the rich Berber culture. You will have mint tea with your hosts. After the tea, you will head to the Palmeraie, a palm oasis outside the city with thousands of palm trees. Arriving at the lush palm groove you will ride your camel with instructions. As you travel through palm trees and desert vegetation, take a view of the one-of-a-kind, mesmerizing sunset in the desert. You will be dropped off at your hotel after the ride.

Experience idyllic oases among the dunes. The tour offers an exceptional and relaxing feel. You can enjoy camel riding and explore the areas. Or you can also go for the venturesome quad biking and make this trip memorable. To make your trip romantic, you can have an exquisite Agafay desert dinner under the beautiful stars with your loved one. Guide-Morocco tours can arrange all this for you at affordable prices

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