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Day Trips from Casablanca To Fes | CASABLANCA TO FES TOUR

Day trips From Casablanca | Day tour Casablanca to Fez 

With Our package Fes day trip from Casablanca, you will have the chance to admire the instrument makers’ souk before arriving at the Mzara of the ancient sovereign Moulay Idriss situated at the place where he took the decision to build the town. Then you’ll arrive in En-Nejjarine Square and the cabinet makers’ souk.

Day Trips From Casablanca to Marrakech | Day Tour From Casablanca To Marrakech

Day Trips From Casablanca to Marrakech | Day Tour From Casablanca To Marrakech

Day Trips From Casablanca | Day Trips From Casablanca to Marrakech

We offer quality, Marrakech Day Trips from Casablanca and is the best of morocco day trips with expert local guides (not just a driver). There are so many things to see and do in and around the  Red city Marrakech TOURS that you just might have to consider extending your stay in Marrakech! We have selected some of the best Day Trips and sightseeing tours from Casablanca to explore Marrakech morocco. 

Full-Day Trip from Casablanca-Best rabat day trip from casablanca

Day Trips From Casablanca To Rabat

Day Trips From Casablanca | Rabat Day Trip from Casablanca

Visit the Mosque of Hassan II. Casablanca is home to the Hassan II Mosque, designed by the French architect Michel Pineau. It is situated on a promontory looking out to the Atlantic, which can be seen through a gigantic glass floor with room for 25,000 worshippers. Its minaret is the world’s tallest at 210 meters.

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Guided Tours In Casablanca | Casablanca City Tour

Day Trips From Casablanca | casablanca city tour from airport

Casablanca city tours to enjoy amazing Casablanca sightseeing tour in Full one day to visit the major sights in Casablanca City experiences with Morocco travel Holidays. See the enchanting mixture of modern and traditional influences that shape the city while visiting the Central Market,

Day Trips From Casablanca Morocco

Day Trips From Casablanca Morocco -one day tour of Casablanca

Casablanca day tours and excursions offer a comprehensive selection of Day Trips From Casablanca to suit all travelers. Select one of our various excursions in Casablanca or enjoy tours to Morocco`s famous cities like Rabat, Marrakech, Fez, El Jadida, and more.

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco with a population of almost 4 million inhabitants and also has the largest artificial port in the world, although it has no ferry service of any kind. Casablanca Morocco is also the most liberal and progressive city Young people flirt without any hesitation with light-skinned girls, designer brands are the norm in wealthy neighborhoods, …

It is home to two international airports, so many travelers will find that Casablanca is their first taste of Morocco. Explore the can’t-miss sites of the city, such as the impressive Hassan II mosque and the art deco architecture of New Town, and then consider visiting some other nearby attractions that make for an easy day trip from Casablanca Morocco. The Roman ruins of Volubilis, the medieval Portuguese fort at El Jadida, and the capital city of Rabat are all within an easy train ride, and the cities of Marrakesh, Fez, and Tangiers are accessible within a day’s travel from Casablanca. Even if your time in Morocco is limited to only a few days, Casablanca makes an excellent modern hub for day-trippers looking to whet their appetite for traditional Moroccan culture.

Casablanca was founded in the 7th century as an independent Berber kingdom. Later it was seized by the Arabs and subsequently by Almoravids and the Merenids, then finally by the Portuguese and the Spanish. These last two cultures gave the city its name. In the middle of the 18th century, the town was destroyed by an earthquake. It was later rebuilt by Moulay Ismael, the grandson of the second ruler of the Moroccan Alaouite dynasty. In 1907, the French took control of Casablanca; they remained in control until 1956 when Morocco gained independence.

Whether you are a tourist or a business traveler, Casablanca offers an interesting blend of modern urban life and cultural accents. It is common to see men and women garbed in the latest Western fashions mingling with those wearing conservative Islamic clothing, including the hooded djellaba. Similarly, if you walk through the city, you can see modern architecture in proximity to that which is traditional Islamic. If you want to sample the local cuisine there are plenty of fine cafes and sandwich shops.

what to do in Casablanca day trips :

Casablanca to Marrakech-Casablanca day trip to chefchaouen

day trip from Casablanca to Rabat-day trips from Casablanca to Marrakech

one day trip from Casablanca Essaouira-Marrakech sightseeing day from Casablanca

tours from Casablanca to chefchaouen-

Our activities about a day trip from Casablanca :☞ Day trips in Casablanca morocco

☞ day trip from Casablanca to tangier☞ Best day trips from Casablanca,

☞ trip to Casablanca morocco☞ One day tour Casablanca

in this article we give full guide of best casablanca day trips.as we are a morocco tours agency we offer must of the day trips.feel free to contact us for more information

Here’s our list of 15 best day trips from Casablanca to add variety and spice to your Moroccan adventure. This list is for you if you have an adventurous spirit and wish to further explore this fascinating North African country, discovering its dynamism and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Hassan ii Mosque

This beautiful mosque morocco should definitely be on your list of great things to see in Casablanca. This huge building was built to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the former king.

This Casablanca mosque was completed in 1993 and is the largest mosque in Morocco, with an area of two hectares. It took 6,000 Moroccan craftsmen for six years to build this magnificent structure.

If you are not Muslim, you don’t have to worry about being denied access to the mosque. The Hassan II Mosque is one of the two mosques that allow access to non-Muslims.

The mosque Hassan ii is beautifully finished with water features, surprisingly complex tile work, a rectangular roof that opens to the sky and a huge hammam in the basement.

Visits to the mosque are organized between prayers for visitors dressed appropriately. This mosque is the largest in Africa and the third largest in the world.

The architecture of this building is extraordinary. In some places, you can see the Atlantic Ocean rolling towards the shore next to the mosque.

hassan 2 mosque opening hours

Saturday – Thursday: at 9AM, 10 AM, 11 AM and 2 PM in the afternoon. Friday: 9AM and 10 AM in the morning and 2 PM.

hassan 2 mosque entrance fee

$30 per person

This mosque has beautiful architecture, . The entrance fee is $30 per person. This price includes a one-hour group tour with a guide in several languages.

Walk-In The Old Medina Casablanca

If you want a totally authentic casablanca experience, take a long walk in the old medina. It almost feels like every little street in Casablanca’s old town is linked to a story.

The old medina of Casablanca is located between the port and the Hassan II mosque. Walking through it, one has the impression to travel back in time.
The streets of the old medina are filled with small stores and a lively open-air market.

You can find everything from delicious Moroccan food to strange antiques, wooden statues, handmade soap and period souvenirs.

If you take a walk in the old medinas of other Moroccan cities such as Marrakech or Fez, you will find this one much easier to explore by comparison.

Take your time while walking around this part of the old city and take it all in hand. There are many bazaars, palaces, and mansions to explore. Most of them date from the reconstruction carried out by Sultan Mohammed bin Abdallah.

The Corniche Casablanca

If you wish to take a pleasant and long walk by the sea, head towards the Boulevard de la Corniche. This long avenue is constantly swept by a gentle sea breeze. The Corniche of Casablanca is a beautiful seaside neighborhood in the suburbs of Ain Diab. A few years ago, the neighborhood was a thriving resort area. Today resembles the New Jersey Shore as it is home to many western fast-food chains.
There are many good places to eat and drink by the sea and some compare this beach boulevard to the Malecon in Havana. The Corniche is often referred to as Morocco’s southern beach or Morocco’s Blackpool. It is lined with restaurants, theaters, hotels and nightclubs. Further along the shoreline is a spectacular public beach which is an ideal place for family vacations.

I recommend avoiding the cornice on weekends as it tends to be very crowded. After sunset, the trendy nightclubs, lounge bars and bar terraces facing the sea fill up quickly.

The Shrine of Sidi Abderrahman

Located just after the Corniche, the Shrine of Sidi Abderrahmane is of great importance to Muslims around the world. It is said that the coastal sanctuary treats a plethora of mental illnesses. The sanctuary is accessible only to Muslims, but non-Muslims can explore the surrounding complex and see the sanctuary’s sacred white walls. However, this is only possible at low tide. This is an ideal opportunity to become familiar with the beliefs of the local community and take a look at their way of life.
On your day trip from Casablanca, walk along the beach and admire the beautiful sacred white walls surrounding the sanctuary.

Mohammed V Square Casablanca

This square, now the municipal administrative center, is made up of many buildings from the 1920s, most of them with Hispano-Muslim architecture and Art Deco influences. must look carefully at its elegant arcades and white facades, decorated with golden stones. One of its most striking buildings is the prefecture (Wilaya), inaugurated in 1930 by Mohammed V who was then the sultan. It houses a beautiful tropical garden, as well as paintings by the French decorator Louis Majorelle. In 1976, a fountain was added, which from time to time delights visitors with music and water shows. You can admire a spectacular view of Casablanca from a 50-meter high tower that stands right next to the prefecture. The French consulate completes the area, where you can see the equestrian statue of the French general Hubert Lyautey inside, which was located in the center of the square a few years ago.

I recommend visiting this square at night, when the fountains are working and bathed in golden light.

Mahkama du Pacha

To see the most astonishing example of Moroccan architecture, one must go to the Mahkama du Pacha. This astonishing building is a perfect example of ancient Moorish construction techniques.

You can get a guide to visit this building at the ticket office of Mohammad Hassan II Mosque.


Шефчауэн из Касабланки 2-дневный тур | Касабланка - Шефчауэн тур

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During this Marrakesh day trip from Casablanca, you will have the chance to visit the famous tourist sites of Marrakech, minaret of the Koutoubia, completed during the reign of the Almohad Caliph Yacoub El Mansour in 1184, the gardens of the French painter Jacques Majorelle, a colorful place, including the famous “blue Majorelle” and lush vegetation. Other places to visit are the gerdens of the Menara and the colorful stores of the souks.

visit the Gardens of the French painter; Jacques Majorelle is flamboyant of colors, especially with the famous “Majorelle blue” and the luxuriant vegetation.


Цитадель Классический открыточный вид из Эс-Сувейры, а поднявшись на вершину, можно посмотреть на медину, порт и соседний остров с небольшой высоты. Во время нашего посещения все было обнесено забором, а также отремонтировано. Входная плата: 10 дирхам Часы работы: 09: 00-17: 30 Рынки в Эс-Сувейре В старом городе есть несколько интересных рынков: рыбный рынок, рынок специй и ювелирных изделий, где можно купить аргановое масло и другую косметику, изделия из дерева, чайники, керамику, золотые украшения и многое другое. Пляж в Эс-Сувейре На местном пляже мало кто купается - вода довольно прохладная круглый год. Зато для прогулок есть длинная и красивая набережная со всей инфраструктурой. Туристы просто обожают загорать на широком пляже, а местные жители - играть в футбол. Здесь это просто массовое увлечение. Также на пляже популярны виндсерфинг и кайтсерфинг, так как ветер здесь дует практически постоянно. Лучшие рестораны Эс-Сувейры На главной площади вы найдете множество ресторанов и кафе; рядом с портом расположены десятки хороших рыбных ресторанов открытого типа. Несколько дешевых заведений быстрого питания расположены на проспекте Сиди Мохаммед бен Абдалла, который проходит через всю медину. Вот еще несколько кафе и ресторанов, которые я рекомендую: Ресторан Keltoum - типичная марокканская кухня, вкусная и недорогая. Vague Bleu - небольшое кафе с итальянской кухней и свежей рыбой, недорого. Taros - бар с алкогольными коктейлями на главной площади, прохладная терраса с панорамным видом, цены выше среднего. Pasta Baladin - паста с различными соусами, цены чуть выше среднего. Ресторан La Découverte Как добраться до Эс-Сувейры? В городе есть три автовокзала: главный, откуда отправляется большинство автобусов (ближе к окраине города), а также автовокзалы компаний CTM и Supratours. Последний находится ближе всего к медине и набережной, поэтому мы воспользовались им. Автобусы CTM и Supratours немного дороже, чем все остальные, но у них хорошее обслуживание на борту. Вот цены на автобусы CTM из/в Эс-Сувейру из разных городов Марокко: Агадир - 3 рейса в день, 70 дирхам, 3 часа Касабланка - 4 рейса в день, 140 дирхам, 7 часов Марракеш - 2 рейса в день, 80 дирхам, 2,5 часа Тан-Тан - 1 рейс, 175 дирхам, 11 часов в пути. Однодневные экскурсии по Эс-Сувейре в окрестностях города ЛУЧШЕЕ, ЧТО МОЖНО СДЕЛАТЬ В ЭС-СУВЕЙРЕ, МАРОККО 1) КРЕПОСТНЫЕ ВАЛЫ ЭССУЭЙРЫ Валы марокканской Эс-Сувейры расположены там, где медина встречается с Атлантическим океаном. Эти валы Эс-Сувейры были построены в 1760-х годах французским военным архитектором Теодором Корнутом для защиты порта от мародеров. Дизайн был вдохновлен городом Сен-Мало во Франции. Если вы любитель старых фильмов, вы можете узнать их в начале фильма Орсона Уэллса "Отелло" 1952 года. Фильм открывается кадром Яго, висящего в клетке над скалами, который был снят здесь. Валы набережной ограничены впечатляющей скалой, своего рода оборонительным бастионом. На одном конце находится Скала порта, которая является воротами в рыбацкий порт. А с другой стороны - Скала города с 19 бронзовыми пушками, выстроенными вдоль морского вала. С крепостных валов открывается великолепный вид на медину и океан. Вдоль набережной или в аркадах внизу, которые первоначально были военными магазинами, обычно можно найти лавки художников и ремесленников. Попасть на вершину крепостных валов можно двумя разными способами. Во-первых, вы можете войти через фактический вход прямо перед портом. Вход стоит 60 дирхамов. Но если вы пройдете вниз к порту, то почти в самом конце найдете лестницу, ведущую наверх. Здесь можно войти и пройти вдоль крепостной стены и увидеть порт сверху, а также старые португальские и испанские пушки.

A day trip to Azemmour FROM Casablanca allows you to discover the local life of the region. The city walls, dating from the Portuguese period, are covered with interesting street art and graffiti; they are attractive from the outside, belying the shabby streets on the inside.


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